Vim + Vigor Candle Company

Cactus Flower + Desert Sage Stainless Steel Candle

Size: 10oz

We've masterfully combined the enticing aroma of cactus flower nectar and agave with the revitalizing scent of aloe and Chrysanthemum blooms, further enriched by the earthy undertones of green florals, spicy desert sage, and a hint of patchouli. This captivating fragrance evokes cherished memories of desert landscapes.

Each of our candles is a piece of art, skillfully blending US-grown natural soy wax with carefully selected fragrance blends. Encased in unique, pure stainless steel vessels, each candle is freshly hand-poured at the time of your order. This process ensures that every candle we create retains its potency and moisture content, unlike those that sit on shelves in stores or warehouses. Handcrafted with precision and care in Phoenix, Arizona, our candles are a reflection of our passion for excellence and sustainability.