Vim + Vigor Candle Company

Bamboo + Basil Reed Diffuser

Type: reed diffuser kit

Step into an enchanting fusion of bamboo foliage and lush green florals, artfully married with a revitalizing blend of citrus and basil. Our Bamboo & Basil reed diffuser is meticulously crafted to continuously infuse your space with a lively and natural bouquet. The crisp, green notes of bamboo leaves dance with the invigorating aroma of basil, conjuring an atmosphere that is both radiant and rejuvenating.

  • Each of our reed diffusers is accompanied by 4oz of intoxicating fragrance oil and reusable rattan reeds for an enduring aroma.
  • Choose our generous reed diffuser refill bottle, brimming with 16 ounces of pure, undiluted fragrance oil for a lasting sensory experience.