vim + vigor candle company

Where natural soy wax, bespoke fragrances, and unique vessels unite to create a remarkable sensory symphony.

Instead of being simply poured, our candles are thoughtfully brought to life through a meticulous 75-hour crafting process. This approach challenges the conventional candle-making industry, where products typically lose their vibrancy on the shelf over time. Each Vim + Vigor creation is lovingly nurtured into existence and made to order, preserving its freshness and aroma.


Kristin Boyd

In 2015, I set out on a fragrant quest with a clear, yet ambitious objective: to create the perfect candle—one that fully utilizes its wax and consistently infuses your space with captivating aroma from the initial spark to the final flicker. After hundreds of meticulous trials, my vision crystallized into reality, igniting the essence of Vim + Vigor.

grounded in sustainability and resourcefulness

Each hand-poured candle is presented in a reusable vessel

We encourage you to repurpose these vessels once your candle has fully burned, keeping the cycle of renewal alive.

Experience the Vim + Vigor difference – where every candle tells a story of passion, perseverance, and the power of scent.