Vim + Vigor Candle Company

Beechwood + Vetiver Reed Diffuser

Type: reed diffuser kit

Venture into a tranquil coastal sanctuary with our Beechwood + Vetiver reed diffuser. It paints an aromatic landscape of sun-bleached driftwood, tenderly accented by the earthy depths of Beechwood. As you journey further, Vetiver emerges, deepening the scent with its elegant, grassy charm. Allow this calming blend to provide a continuous, flameless infusion of fragrance, effortlessly elevating your space.

  • Each of our reed diffusers includes 4oz of premium aromatic oil, combined with reusable rattan reeds, ensuring a consistent and delightful aroma.
  • For those seeking a prolonged olfactory adventure, consider our ample refill bottle, filled to the brim with 16 ounces of pure fragrance oil.