Vim + Vigor Candle Company

Rainwater + Mountain Air Ultrasonic Diffuser Oil


Embark on a sensory journey to the heart of the mountains, where the crisp, invigorating air mingles with the earthy whispers of green ferns, creosote, and chaparral. The deep, woody undertones of cedar and sage add a layer of complexity, painting a vivid picture of fresh raindrops kissing the parched mountain soil - a true homage to the grandeur of the wilderness.

Our meticulously crafted ultrasonic diffuser oil is a concentrated elixir designed to metamorphose your environment into a haven of serenity. Imbued with the pure essence of cedarwood, sage, and eucalyptus, this oil promises an authentic aromatic escapade. Just add a few drops (3 to 10) to your ceramic, stone, electric, or ultrasonic diffuser and let the enchanting aroma pervade your space. Our ultrasonic diffuser oil is the perfect marriage of nature's bounty and human artistry.