Vim + Vigor Candle Company

USB Candle Lighter

Color: Silver
Elevate your lighting experience with our sleek USB Candle Lighter, available in rose gold, silver, and black. This isn’t just for candles — its flexible, 360° rotatable neck meets your lighting needs across various occasions with grace and precision.

Designed for resilience, the lighter is windproof and splash-proof, ensuring unwavering performance under any condition. It's more than a tool; it's an accessory for your daily life, fitting perfectly in your hand with its slim and compact design.

With a single charge, enjoy up to 600 uses, thanks to its robust rechargeable lithium battery. Each lighter comes equipped with a real-time battery display, offering an integration of convenience and technology.

What's in the package? You’ll receive the USB Candle Lighter and USB charging cable. Indulge in a lighting experience that’s as sophisticated and reliable as the ambiance you wish to create.